We met in San Diego and have always been drawn to salt water. We left in exploration of more things wild: mountains to climb, waters to kayak, trails to run, perspectives to encounter. We spent 3 years on the road, living out of our car and exploring North America’s public lands and communities, stumbling upon spaces, places, and people who inspired us and ultimately sharpened the pencil that created Salted Roots.

Seward won our hearts, with mountains, the ocean, and a national park right in our backyard. Alaska is wild - wild enough for us vagabonds to settle down roots… and then naturally the idea for Salted Roots sprouted. We bought the land in 2017, were married there shortly after, and began throwing together our future plans for the project with close friends. Our community helped us clear the land, build this website, and make our vision a reality.

Matt comes from 18+ years of high-end hospitality and Kellyann is a 500 hr certified yoga teacher and business manager.


“We look back at our travels and wanted to create a refuge for the anti-tourist.  The place a person can feel at home, many miles away from their comfortability. A break in the rush, an unexpected destination, a unique experience. We’re really cynics I suppose…. we’re not really fans of the ‘top 10 travel’ list, we care more about intimacy… avoiding the trap. Travel is about finding your own path, against the grain, seeking the remote.  That is what we’ve created here.”- KELLYANN

“The spaces we liked most, the ones that we identified with, were those that were personal, unique, dynamic, but most importantly flexible.  You never get to choose how guests use your space, or what inspiration they may draw from it , so you might as well leave the possibilities as open as possible.  Lead with intent, and allow the guests and the situation determine the gaps. Provide the canvas. It is all about driving the community, sharing a way of living.” - MATT



Salted Roots Alaska

13690 Beach Drive
Seward, AK, 99664

Salted Roots Yoga

216 4th Avenue
Seward, AK, 99664


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Do we need a car in Seward?

Many people arrive to Seward by bus or train. For Salted Roots guests, we do recommend having a car to tour around Alaska.  

How can I get from Anchorage International Airport to Seward?

There are regularly scheduled bus transfers from Anchorage International Airport or downtown Anchorage, via the Park Connection. Again, we recommend renting your own car and driving the Seward Highway, a beautiful 2 hour drive along Turnagain arm.

How far is Salted Roots from downtown Seward?

Salted Roots is 3 miles south of downtown, located on Beach Drive of Lowell Point.

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